White Water Protection

White Water Protection is a full service security and investigative agency providing a complete range of protective services. With our strong background rooted in both the public and private sector, it is no wonder why we are growing in reputation as the industry leader.

Of all the items in our portfolio, the most important is communication. We interact with our clients and listen hard to learn a client’s needs and to understand their challenges. Then we respond quickly, with an appropriate approach chosen from our array of expertise.

Our diversity of skills and perspectives means we create solutions to fit challenges, rather than the other way around. Our reputation comes from paying attention: attention to detail, attention to service, attention to needs. We are honored to have our client’s bring us their challenges, their business and their personal trust.

At White Water Protection, we have revolutionized the security and investigative industry and its approach to training and developing security specialists. We are the professionals when it comes to protective services by producing results and effectively deterring problems instead of simply reacting when they occur.